Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cycle Ergo

I don’t normally review websites but Cycle ergo really caught my attention. This site has a neat little app that takes your height and inseam and draws a stick figure version of you on the motorcycle of your choice. You can see if you’ll be able to touch the ground (and even if you’ll be able to flat foot the bike or be on tip toe) and what the seating position is like.
Unfortunately they did not have my bike listed (the Kawasaki ER-6N) but they did have a number of other bikes I sat on listed. I checked out some of the bikes I was familiar with and found the stick figure to be right on.
While nothing can replace going to a dealership and sitting on the bike yourself this site makes the first step much easier. How many nights have you spent in front of the computer reading the seat height on all the bikes and wondering what that equates to in real life?
This site is a must visit for new riders. Cycle ergo and cycle ergos

Have you tried the sight? Do you find it to be pretty accurate?

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