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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


The name Aliko Dangote rings a bell in virtually every home in Nigeria, Africa's richest man has a footprint in virtually every home in the country , you are either eating bread made from his flour or consuming soup seasoned with his salt,  drinking  soft drinks or taking syrups made with his sugar .

That was why in 2007 i took a loan from first bank to purchase shares from his flour company, but the billionaire had  other ideas , he returned over 97 percent of the money back to subscribers after almost a year and without interest at a time banks were charging over 19%  as interest and allotted 3 % of the shares to the millions of Nigerians who had participated in the public offer and kept over 90 percent to himself. 

After licking our wounds like many other Nigerians we moved on in invested in other vocations , so i was surprised yesterday evening when  i received a mail from Dangote cement  me and other Nigerians to invest in their expansion.
  After a lot of skepticism i decided to open the attachment and this screen shot below showing he owns only 0.17 % was for me deception taken too far , it  did not allow me read the content of the attachment  , even a primary school pupil knows that Dangote still own the bulk  of Dangote Cement by direct and indirect share holding it was a LIE i could not stomach 

Saturday, 27 June 2015


 There are several ways Nigerians loose money on a daily basis , while some are unavoidable others are ,below is a list of the top ten ways Nigerian loose money and why

1.Unnecessary Parties

It is estimated that Lagosian's spend close to 40 billion naira annually on parties alone .

Most analyst have argued that most of these parties are completely unnecessary and most times do not add value to either the host or the guests.

2. Insisting on Designers, Labels, and Brands

From groceries to clothing to prescription drugs, you can save money by choosing an off-brand over a fancy label. And in many cases, you won't sacrifice much in quality. Clever advertising and fancy packaging don't make brand-name products better than lesser-known brands.

For example, generic drugs can cost as much as 80% less than their brand-name alternatives.

3. Shopping at the wrong store
If you are Particular about price then don't just walk into any store , a Bottle of drink at MM2 will cost you almost thrice the amount you buy it at your neighborhood fast food outlet , a supermarket in victoria Island will not sell Gala at the price you get it in Oshodi

4. Paying for "ashoebi" you may Never wear again,

Today, almost all weddings, burials,Birthdays and even naming ceremonies now have a uniforms which organizers use in adding color and or liquidating their guests ! This is one of the Biggest drain pipes in most low income Families who can hardly afford three square meals but are willing to mortgage their 5 months salary for a 2 hours programme!

5. Maintaining a Fleet of Cars
Most people keep a fleet of car to show the world they have arrived , However they fail to realize that their cars start diminishing in value the moment they drove out of the show room . The Insurance ,licensing , and maintenance is an unnecessary expense for a vehicle you drive once in a month!

6. Multiple Girlfriends or Sugar Boys.

Women are wonderful creatures, history is replete with men who died because of women only to have those women become concubines of the men who killed their lovers .
A Man with a retinue of girlfriends will have to Buy Credit for Shade , change wardrobe for Ngozi and pay house rent for Fatima all these add up to keep the young mans account in perpetual red !

In the same vein women are reinventing slavery but this time on a different dimension, they have mastered the act of keeping "Bingos" whose only duty is allegiance to the Bosom of a woman old enough to be their mothers .

One peculiar thing about these "bingos" is the Fact that they have taste as such keeping many "Bingos" sometimes leave a tsunami effect on the bank account !

7. Leaving Your Money in a Low-Interest Account

If you're stashing your cash in a traditional savings account earning next to nothing, you're wasting it. Make sure you're getting the best return on your money. Fix any money you don't need and earn good returns from your bank instead of paying account management fees to a bank which charges you for using your money.

8. Not Pulling the Plug on Electronics

If you use a prepaid meter this is one of the reasons your credits develop wings.
Electronics that have a clock or operate by remote are typical culprits. The obvious way to pull the plug on your energy vampires is to do just that -- pull the plug. Or buy a device to do it for you, such as a Smart Strip Power Strip which will stop drawing electricity when the gadgets are turned off and pay for itself within a few months.

9. Buying at the Wrong time !

This mistake could some times have devastating effect Its is dangerous to Buy a Land or House during dry season because the area might be prune to floods or the Land could be waterlogged .

Building during raining season on the other hand also has some advantages

1. Cost of Building materials especially cement falls

2.Molding Blocks and water supply for concretes works could be made easier especially for those in arid areas

10. Borrower !

Pls Borrow me =N= 500,000 I have a business deal I must close tonight?

Many people have lost millions and made great and wicked enemies just because they choosed to help.

The wisdom here is never lend out an amount you are not willing to forget!

Any business that is too good to be true is too Good to be legal!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

SEE How Yahoo Boys Are Using CSCS To Scam Nigerians

It is shame that despite all the "churchin‎g" and "Mosqueing" we are still the most fraudulent people on the Planet.

Last time it was the Bank Verification Number (BVN) today it is the CSCS account details the thirst for fraud seems not to be abating.

Electronic transactions has made a lot of things easier from Dstv to flight tickets, from school fees to debts/ tax payments but the activities of some unscrupulous Nigerians is threatening to destroy the system.

Senior citizens and pensioners  are the worst hit these guys simply don't care about anything but money.

I received a mail this Morning( Pictured) from "CSCS ONLINE "
About my CSCS account ( Shares/ Stock Portfolio account).
 From what I know CSCS do not send statements for free.
Following the crash of the stock market I seldom check the indices to avoid heart ache.

A closer scrutiny of the mail. Revealed an almost unbelievable sight , to  my surprise Yahoo boys have devised a means to download personal details of individual using the CSCS as a cover! ( See Pics)

The fraud is complete with full disclaimer at the end of the mail to paint it as genuine! Clicking on it redirects you to your account where your password will be stolen!

If you have fallen for this Fraud quickly report to your bank / stock broker immediately. better still change your password before you get to the Bank/broker !

This is the real website of The central securities clearing system CSCS

There is Nothing like CSCS online dot com dot org it's all a Scam!

When you see emails Like

1. Receipts of USD $2,000,000
 As attachment or Mail ,Click on the attachment at your own risk

You might lose all you ever worked for!

2. When you see Contract documents with attachments click on it and all your password and account details will on the palms of a Lazy Leech on a laptop.

Stop searching for money that is not lost!

It's good to be inquisitive but when it comes to Yahoo boys the delete button is Your Best  Friend.

Thursday, 7 May 2015


.It's unfortunate that the Fraud has become a component of the Fabric of the Nigerian society.

Daily unscrupulous Nigerians device devilish of defrauding their fellow
Citizens of their hard earned cash!

I get several emails daily I also believe that others get this mails too, my elder brother once lost his savings to this men of the underworld.

At about 12 midnight one day he started receiving alerts for Monies he never withdrew by day break the account was empty!!!
Why?  He filled the demonic form online ‎!!!!

The lastest  weapon of these lazy men and women is the BVN  a Biometric identification means that was introduced by the central Bank to safeguard bankers and their deposits

Their Scheme ‎
They  copy the design of the Bank in question, colour, language, pics just name it

They Send a customised email in the Banks Name with Links to a site where the will collect your particulars including ATM Numbers and PINS


They target Customers mainly On Fridays or in Public Holidays that way the Customer find it Difficult to contact the Bank to Block the card until his or her account is emptied


BVN registration cannot be done online the owner of the account must present his/herself physically for his thumb print and other data to be captured

No Bank sends email with any Link to Validate any account or Cash Any Money once you see an email with aa Link to a Data base it's a FRAUD click at your own risk

NO bank will ever ask for your PIN NO matter the circumstances

See a Copy of the Mail I got this evening! See Pics Below

I do not have any Account with ACCESS BANK
Yet Fake ACCESS Bank in a Bedroom somewhere with a Laptop is threatening to close an account that does not even exist!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


A company you want to apply to has asked you to send in a CV and you're thinking, "wait..what?" Don't worry! Curriculum Vitae (CV) means "courses of life" in Latin, and that is just what it is. A CV is a concise document which summarizes your past professional skills and experiences. The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills (and some complementary ones) to do the job for which you are applying. Follow these steps to create a great CV--and go get 'em tiger!

DO shout about your achievements

Your résumé/CV needs to position you as the best possible candidate for the job. So without waxing lyrical, let your potential employer know what you’ve achieved in your current role. For example:
Company name * Pipeline Engineer * 2011 – present
Successfully coordinated, planned, scheduled and managed a $200M pipeline under budget and within time scope.
It’s also a good idea to outline your achievements at the top of your résumé/CV as a ‘career summary’ or ‘career highlights’. Recruiters or hiring managers may have lots of résumés to wade through, and if they can immediately see your accomplishments, this can only be to your advantage.


Know what information a CV generally contains. Most CVs include your personal information, your education and qualifications, your work experience, your interests and achievements, your skills, and references. However, there is no set format for a CV, what you include is up to you.

Consider the job you are applying for.
Research the company. A good CV is tailored to the specific job and company you are applying for. What does the company do? What is their mission statement? What do you think they are looking for in an employee? What skills does the specific job you are applying for require? These are all things to keep in mind when writing your CV.

Check the company’s website for extra information about the CV.
See if there is any specific information they want you to list in your CV. There might be specific directions listed on the application page. Always double check this.

Make a list of jobs you have held.
These can be both jobs you hold currently and jobs you have held in the past. Include the dates that you began and ended your term at each particular job.[2]

Brainstorm your hobbies and interests.
Unique interests or hobbies will make you stand out. Be aware of the conclusions that might be drawn from your hobbies. Try to list hobbies that portray you as a team-oriented individual rather than as a solitary, passive person. Companies want someone who works well with others and can take charge if need be.

Hobbies and interests that paint a positive image: Being the captain of your soccer (or football) team, organizing a charity event for an orphanage, secretary of your school’s student-run government.

Hobbies that imply a passive, solitary personality: watching TV, doing puzzles, reading. If you are going to put any of these things, give a reason why. For instance, if you are applying for a job at a publishing house, put something like: I enjoy reading the great American writers such as Twain and Hemingway because I think their writing gives a unique perspective into American culture at the time they were writing.

Make a list of your relevant skills.
These skills often include computing skills (are you a wiz at Wordpress? Excel? inDesign? etc.), languages you speak, or specific things the company is looking for, such as targeted skills.

Example of targeted skills: If you are applying to be a writer for a newspaper, list that you are fluent in AP style. If you are applying for a coding job, mention that you have worked with Java script.

Create the format for your CV. Are you going to break each section up with a line? Are you going to put each section in its own box? Are you going to list all of your information? Play around with different formats to see which looks most professional. Aim for no more than the front and back of a standard sheet of paper.

List your name, address, telephone number, and email at the top of the page. It is important to make your name a size larger than the rest of the text as it is important for your reviewer to know who he or she is reading about. It is up to you as to how you format this information.[3]

Standard format would be to have your name in the center of the page. Your home address should be listed in a block format on the left side of the paper. Put your telephone number and email below your home address. If you have another address (such as your address while you are at school) list this address on the right hand side of the paper.

Write a personal profile. This is an optional part of the CV that is good for giving your reviewer a more in-depth look at you as a person. This is where you sell your skills, experiences, and personal qualities. It should be original and well-written. Use positive words such as “adaptable”, “confident”, and “determined”.[4]

Example of a personal statement for a CV for a publishing company: An enthusiastic recent graduate looking for an entry-level editorial position that will utilize organizational and communication skills developed as a summer intern at City Lights.

Create a section for your education and qualifications. This section can be at the beginning of your CV or you can choose to list it after other sections. The order of sections is up to you. List your education in reverse chronological order. Begin with university if you attended or are attending it and work your way backwards. List the name of your university, the dates you went there, your major and minor, and your grade point average or A levels.[5]

Example: Santa Clara University, English and History 2009-2013 Subjects include: Medieval Literature, Victorian Literature, Criticism of Poetry, and History of Great Britain. Obtained a 75% on my 2nd year exams. (If in the US- Maintained a 3.7 GPA.)

Create a section for your work experience. This is the section in which you should list all of your relevant work experience. List the name of the company, the location of the company, the years you worked there, and what you did. Start with your most recent job and work backwards. If you have a long list of work experience, only put the experiences relevant to the job you are applying for.[6]

Example: Diablo Magazine, Walnut Creek, CA, March 2012-January 2013. Fact-checked information, wrote articles for Diablo’s blog, assisted in researching of material for articles.

Create a section for your skills and achievements. This section is where you list the things you accomplished at your previous jobs, and the skills you have developed through your experiences. This is also the section where you list any of your published work, lectures you've given, classes you've taught, etc.

Example achievements: Successfully took a national bestseller from manuscript to publication; Received certification in copy-editing from UC Berkeley

Create a section for your interests.
You should list any relevant interests that paint you in the most positive light. Choose several interests from the list you created while brainstorming for your CV (in Part One).

Create a section for other information.
If there is a noticeable gap in your CV or there is some other information you would like to share, put it in this section. This sort of information can include leaving work to take care of children, join the Peace Corps,

Create a section for references.
These are people you have worked with in the past such as professors, previous employers, etc. that have seen your work and can credibly support praises that they give you. The company you are applying to may contact these references to find out more about your previous work. You should talk with the person you would like to list a reference before actually listing them--it is best to double check that they still have the same number, are ok with giving you a reference, or that they remember who you are. Write down their full names and contact information (including their phone numbers and emails).


How To Write Business Proposal – A proposal is a suggestion, sometimes a written in other to tell a partner what you about to do. A Business Proposal is a written description of your business’s future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. If you jot down a paragraph on the back of an envelope describing your business strategy, you’ve written a plan, or at least the germ of a plan. before to learn How To Write Business Proposal How To Write Business Proposal - You should know that a Business Proposal is essentially planned. You start here, today, with certain resources and abilities. You want to get to a there, a point in the future (usually three to five years out) at which time your business will have a different set of resources and abilities as well as greater profitability and increased assets. Your Business Proposal shows how you will get from here to there.

Business Proposal is a written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer. Business Proposals are often a key step in the complex sales process—i.e., whenever a buyer considers more than price in a purchase.

Business Proposal puts the buyer’s requirements in a context that favors the sellers products and services, and educates the buyer about the capabilities of the seller in satisfying their needs. A successful proposal results in a sale, where both parties get what they want, a win-win situation.
Types of Proposals

There are three distinct categories of business proposals:

1. Formally Solicited
2. Informally Solicited
3. Unsolicited

Formally Solicited Proposal

A Solicited Proposals are written in response to published requirements, contained in a Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Invitation For Bid (IFB), or an Request for Information (RFI).

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Request for Proposal RFPs provide detailed specifications of what the customer wants to buy and sometimes include directions for preparing the proposal, as well as evaluation criteria the customer will use to evaluate offers. Customers issue RFPs when their needs cannot be met with generally available products or services. RFIs are issues to qualify the vendors who are interested in providing service/products for specific requirements. Based on the response to RFI, detailed RFP is issued to qualified vendors who the organization believes can provide desired services.

Key points that make your business proposal stands out:

  • It must have professional looking document created for an actual real-life proposal situation.

  • Proposal is fully formatted in final submission form with layout and graphics included.

  • Includes a very good one-page Executive Summary that focuses on solutions and benefits for the Client.

  • The body must provides an excellent client-focused breakdown of the proposed work into: costs, contract terms, benefits, project management.
  • It is a professional looking document created for an actual real-life proposal situation.

  • Proposal is fully formatted in final submission form with layout and graphics included.

  • Includes a very good one-page Executive Summary that focuses on solutions and benefits for the Client.

  • The body provides an excellent client-focused breakdown of the proposed work into: costs, contract terms, benefits, project management.




1.     WHY SCHOOL?
Nursery and Primary school business in Nigeria has become more profitable these days than ever before due to the number of children that are born every day. With such increase in the number of children born yearly — comes the need for more Nursery and Primary schools that will cater for them, and the need for even more will continue over time.
In those days, a single government or missionary owned primary school in a community would be just enough to cater for the children of the entire community. Then, there was no need for private nursery and primary schools. Today, the story has changed — no single primary or nursery school would be able to take care of the entire kids in a community, especially in urban places like Lagos and Abuja.

It has also become the general perception that the standard of education in privately owned and managed schools are higher compared to that of the ill-equipped and badly maintained government owned schools.

Sending ones children to public schools is equally regarded as evidence of poverty. Therefore, every parent struggle to send their children to any available private school, doesn’t matter if that one is even worse than the public school as long as it is called ‘Private school’. These general trends has combine to make investment into nursery and primary school a worthwhile investment.

I’ve seen someone who only manages to feed few years ago become a millionaire through the small nursery and primary school he borrowed money to start.

Some of the lowest nursery and primary schools in area like Lagos charge nothing less than N7,000 as school fees, while good ones charge from N30,000 to as much as N500,000 school fees per term (I pay N75,000 for my 3years old daughter per term)just to learn A.B.C

If in your school you charge N10,000 per term and you have 200 pupil, the amount you’ll be getting from school fees is 10,000 x 200 = 2,000,000 Naira per term and it wouldn’t take you more than a million Naira to run such school every term. Its an investment no good entrepreneur will want to turn a blind eye

 This is the most important aspect of this plan, failure to adopt a qualitative yardstick in the determination of the Site of the school, will almost if not completely destroy the investment.
Therefore it is imperative to consider the following when looking for a good site for the school
1.     Population of an area
2.     Distance from the town
3.     Closeness of a competing institution especially established ones
4.     Regulatory hindrances that will prevent the school from been registered e.g closeness to factory of effluent discharge point
5.     Proximity to highway
6.     Proximity to offices and business district especially for day care and crèche
7.     Security

RECOMMENDATION:  POACH a good senior staff from a reputable private school in the locality to help with the badly needed intelligence so as to get the appropriate information about the location  to site the school. he/she will also serve as an asset as the school moves from idea to reality


Guidelines for the registration of schools differ from one state to another but the complex  ones are provided below:
1.     CAC (corporate affairs commission registration ) note some state require an educationist preferably a PhD holder in education to be on the board
2.     Three years tax clearance (evidence of tax payment )will be required when submitting the form
3.     In the event the construction of the school will involve large earth moving equipment some state will require an environmental impact assessment (EIA)

1.The Proprietor/ Proprietress shall write a letter of intent.

   2 The Proprietor/ Proprietress shall attend an interview.

   3The Proprietor/ Proprietress shall obtain an application form

   4Facilities inspection shall be conducted on the proposed school

5.Based on the report of 4 above, interim approval shall be given.

6.The proprietor shall commence the process for the employment of teacher sand admitted students.

7.The registration form shall automatically lapse if not processed within one calendar year of purchase and therefore due for repurchase.

8.It shall be noted that an intending proprietor shall ascertain the proposed name of the school with the concerned (Local Inspector of Education) LIE before such name is finally accepted and submitted to the Ministry to avoid duplication..

The LIE shall ensure that the name is not duplicated within the same local Government Area or state as the case may be .

9.The intending proprietor is expected to fulfill all statutory revenue obligations to the government before approval is granted.

10 On no account shall any Proprietor relocate or duplicate the school without due approval from the ministry of education.

11.Proprietors cannot operate schools (Annex) without satisfying all the necessary condition for the establishment of such schools.

12.Clearance shall be obtained from the ministry of works and transport as regards the suitability of the building as well as ministry of Health / Local government on the environmental condition of the site.

13 The provisional Approval granted by the Honorable commissioner may be revoked if the school is no longer run in accordance with the laid down guidelines. In addition, the following photograph shall be provided

14 Photograph of the proprietor(2)

Photographs of the school building-whole. Left, right,& back view

Photograph of each of the classroom

Photographs of the pupil and teachers toilets (female/male).

Photographs of the source of water and electricity.

Photographs of recreational facilities.

Photographs of adjacent buildings showing front, left side, right side and back views.



·        It shall be free from any type of danger to lives of the children and staffs

·        It shall be free from heavy traffic, factory and deports where inflammable materials are kept.

·        It shall be securely fenced round for safety of the children.

·        9m x 15m space shall be provided for playground, recreational facilities and future expansion.

·        The school shall be at least 1km away from an existing private Nursery/ Primary school in the neighborhood.

·        The minimum dimension of the classroom shall be 7m x 4m x 3m. Also, approval shall be granted to any school occupying or that intends to occupy any uncompleted building or structure, well-constructed and adequately ventilated. The building shall not be shared with any other tenants.

·        The buildings shall be plastered and painted.

·        The floor covering shall be concrete.

·        Arrangement of classroom shall encourage free movement


1.     Determine where the school should be located between Abuja and Niger
2.     Begin the process of registration by obtaining the handbook or brochure and filling the relevant documentation
3.     Purchase or rent a suitable building and or erect some set of classrooms and offices at a site if available.

Advertisement and Awareness

As a way of marketing our services to the target market we should ensure that awareness is created all over the state. Local newspaper, radio jingles, bill boards and posters will be an excellent tool to advertise our services to our targeted clients.


Media Platform

Internet school website

Radio jingles



25,000 each


Grand Total

N 168,000

 The school building should be constructed based on the standard issued by ministry of work, land and or  Housing of the chosen state ,

The cost of building depends on the size and quality of the building you intends to construct. An Engineer will be able to put you through in this.
Insist on good structure because, your marketing starts from there. The classrooms should be spacious, at least 3.5m square per child under the age of two, at least 2.5m square per child aged two or at least 2.3m square per child aged three to seven.

Most Nursery and Primary school class rooms used to small and jam-packed. Yours shouldn’t be like that. Water is very essential and you need plenty of it in your school, get borehole that will supply you water at all time.

I will recommend the acquisition of 4 plots and above so as to have adequate space for recreation, playground and parking space.
Having a larger area will ensure that the library, Multipurpose laboratory, conference room, reception, and stores can be accommodated without much stress.
 The playing grounds should as much as possible be sited at the center in between opposite buildings while the reception should be located immediately after the entrance, administrative block is located on the two sides of the conference room.

The cost here will vary greatly Depending on  Weather we intend to purchase a building , rent one or construct the school on an already available site, and the state where the building will be located.

Rent : vary between 350,000- 4million per annum depending on the state for a four bedroom apartment
Purchase: 9million to 100million depending on the state and the location
1.Rent an accommodation in a very good location and simultaneously acquire good plots in  FCT , NIGER AND KOGI.
This will enable the school to become popular in a very short time and and provide the needed funds to enable the school cater for its need independently. Movement to a permanent site should be considered under the medium and long term goals.
Its important to note that moving to an unknown site for an unknown school will be very disastrous, Don’t buy in isolated area where people are not living, no parent would want to patronize you in such area.

Due the inherent risk involved in child’s movement, parent will prefer a school that is within their home, and for easy pick up of their children.
I will therefore advice against such. 
NB: I could leverage in Kogi using my good contacts in Lokoja and with your influence we could secure good hectares for the future Development of the school.


Apart from the normal chairs and tables (which you can get Carpenters to do for you at a very reduced price) you also need to equip your classrooms with computer and other learning aids, parents will be happier to pay when they see that your classes are properly equipped.

You need plenty of toys and other gadgets that is used for children’s education ,You need video and large screen TV in all the classrooms, not to play movies but for playing educational videos and sometimes, cartoon depending on the class and the children’s age.

Buy a school bus if you intend to offer pick and drop which almost compulsory for every school since most parents would demand for it. A nice Tokunbo bus goes for about N900,000-2 Million Depending on its capacity .
Get a decent bus that will speak well of your school, and avoid jam-packing children in a bus.

If one bus isn’t enough buy two, parents are paying you extra for the service, give them the best they deserve. Besides, it’s irritating seeing children packed up in a bus that is not fit for transporting animals let alone human being.

Chair ,Desk, marker boards etc  = 500,000-1,000,000
Office equipment = 200,000- 200,000
Computers and other electronics = 200,000-300,000
School Bus =1,000,000
Multipurpose laboratory = 180,000
Swings =25,000
Merry –go- round =40,000


Ass a proprietor of the nursery and primary school, you do not need any formal qualifications but the school manager must have a minimum of NCE and experience in educational administration.

All Teachers should have minimum of NCE and experience in childcare education or play-work. Teachers who are passionate about children are preferred.

NYSC Members will be great source of cheap and experience Labour force .

Note a good command of English language without any form of compromise is not negotiable teachers are a reflection of what to expect from a school bad PR is not good for any business.



Academic staff 


Qualification: B.Ed. Education
Experience : 5-10 years working experience in a well-established private school
Responsibilities: She shall be responsible for the day to day management of the school and report directly to the proprietress.

Assistant Headmaster / Head mistress (optional)

Qualification: B.Ed. Education
Experience:3 years working Experience in managerial field.
Responsibilities: He or She shall assist the headmaster on academics and administrative issues and report directly to her.

Teaching staff 

Qualification: NCE/B.ED/B.
Experience: At least 2 years working Experience and registered with teachers’ registration council of Nigeria (TRCN).
Responsibilities: Coordinate and teach the students.
Non-Academic staffs

Non-academic staff 
Secretary/PRO (optional)


Librarian (optional)

Medical staff  (optional but not negotiable for a boarding school)

Technical team( can be out sourced )

Sport Coordinator (delegated to a teaching staff )

Auxiliary Staffs

Nursery Assistants ( very important )

Bus drivers ( non alcohol drinkers and smokers )

Security Men


Cleaners (very important)


Designation          No          MonthlySalary (N)                  Salary PerAnnum (N)

Head Mistress       1              60,000                                     720,000
Assistant               1              35,000                                             420,000
Teaching Staffs    7               30,000                                             2,520,000
Secretary/PRO      1              30,000                                             360,000
Bursar/ Acct          1              30,000                                             360,000
Nursery Asst         2              12,000                                             288,000
Bus Drivers           2              15,000                                             360,000
Security Men        2              10,000                                              240,000
Cleaners               4               7,000                                               336,000

TOTAL                                                                                                  5,964,000

The average monthly wage bill for a private school ranges from N 120,000-500,000 depending on the class on of staff qualification and grade of the school.