Sunday, 27 July 2014


When I opened that thread like Many other Nairalander’s I expected to see cogent points that Points to the Fact that despite the Bible say we as Men are still subordinates to our Beautiful wives in many ways, now before you start throwing stones read this carefully

Hitting a woman is the strongest sign of a Man's weakness , forget the Fact that some women can turn the Pope into Mike Tyson , it is completely Unacceptable for any man to hit his wife or vice versa its simply crossing the red line.

There are several reasons why I strongly believe women are technically stronger than men.
Here is a scenario from  typical Nigerian Village:

Scene 1 : Husband and wife wake up and Both head to the Farm ,husband on Bicycle ,wife on Foot

Scene 2 : Wife arrives late Husband starts complaining , wife explains she had to breast feed the child before leaving her with Grand Ma ,quarrel is resolved and  they Both carry out the Farm work together

Scene 3
: Husband Complains he is tired, wife says she Needs time to gather more fire wood , Husband takes some rest under the Mango tree in the Farm while wife gathers more fire wood and picks some fruits for the Kids

Scene 4:

Farm work over, they both get set to head Home , husband mounts his bicycle and Pedal home with little or no Load , wife carrying a heap of farm produce, fruits and fire wood heads Home on foot

Scene 5: Wife on arrival Hope sees husband drinking palm wine under the tree with his friends, greets them and head straight for the fire place to make Brunch

Scene 6: she finishes and serves the family food , Bath the children and wash their clothes but before she could clean up the kids and herself the sun was already setting

Scene : 7 as the sun sets , the Powerful woman already has her dinner on fire , before darkness falls she set the lamp and set dinner before the family, they eat and are all happy

Scene 8. As Night falls they all go to Bed, but while she was about to enjoy her sweet deep and well deserved sleep Oga ( "Head of the Home ") taps her to complain about the ''konjititis'' and the Need to placate the one eyed Snake , again she rises up to the occasion and delivers:

It takes less than 3 minutes for head of the home to fall into slumber after discharging the white paint , but the woman takes more time to sleep because of the earlier interruption to her sleep .

When morning come the whole scenario is repeated

In Urban areas the scenario is not different

Scene 1 : Both wake up and Go to work , return by 5pm all stressed up ,

Scene: 2
on arrival wife moves straight into the kitchen while we the ''head of the home'' start changing channels from BBC to NTA  , from CNN to Aljezeera flipping through newspapers and our phones in the process.

Scene 3: food is served we eat and go to Bed for some rest, she cleans up, and clear out all the rubbish in the house, But immediately she hits the Bed without even allowing her take a breath we pounce on Her, as loving as she is , she looks straight into your eyes and say ''OK but let me change "   

On a lighter Note

1. You work for 30 days you collect your 10,000 Salary you carry 4,000 give woman to buy her cream!

Who is the head = the woman

2. You fought over a woman and you got beaten mercilessly and left unconscious by the road side !
  Who is the head = the women 

3. You feed your family Indomie, while you drink garri. But you buy fried rice and chicken + salad  for that woman !
Who is the head = the woman

4. You Buy Okirika for your children, bend down select for yourself and Gucci for the Babe

Who is the head = the Babe

5. You send =N= 200 credit to your Mum, =N= 100 to your Dad and your own phone only has credit for flashing but you buy =N 3000 credit for the woman !

Who is the Head= the woman

6. Your Fathers Peugeot 504 is grounded, you just bought your babe a Rav 4!

Who is the head= the Babe 

7. Your younger sister Needs 100'K for surgery you deny her, but paid 300''K for that woman  to attend her best friends 30th Birthday in the Dubai !

Who is the head = the woman

God took extra time to make women ,to say they are beautiful is an understatement , he gave them extraordinary grace to cope with situations that could make a man commit suicide ,without women our homes will be in shambles !
However, God can never be wrong, He is just too Intelligent, How can the one who suspended  the ball called earth Without strings be wrong , The Kabiyesi who uses the mouth of Fish as ATM Never fails !

He said Man is the head of the Home

Ephesians 5 Vs 22 -25 AMPLIFIED

5:22 Wives, be subject (be submissive
and adapt yourselves) to your own
husbands as [a service] to the Lord.
5:23 For the husband is head of the wife
as Christ is the Head of the church,
Himself the Savior of [His] body.
5:24 As the church is subject to Christ,
so let wives also be subject in
everything to their husbands.
5:25 Husbands, love your wives, as
Christ loved the church and gave
Himself up for her

Peter 3:1 - Likewise, ye wives, [be] in subjection to
your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word,
they also may without the word be won by the
conversation of the wives;
Lets stop destroying homes by promoting articles that divide the family and destroy society, if we respect our wives, and treat them as Queens , they will make us the Kings we  truly are