Wednesday, 3 September 2014

7 Outdated Technologies That had great impact on the lives of Nigerian's

1. Floppy disk : at a point in time it was our only source of storing data , as a university undergraduate you must have one to store either project or materials at a Business Center, it was very useful and very vulnerable.
But show it to an undergraduate today and he/she will tell you what the heck I'd this ?

3 GSM Antenna : its very easy to forget how time flies , when the global system for Mobile telecommunication was introduced in Nigeria only major cities had access to the Network , in some areas people had to climb trees or mountains with their Nokia 3310 or Samsung R220 to get network.

Those days call centers had GSM antenna attached to a phones to enable acquire signal,all that is history now !

3.Cellophane water: Before the advent of pure water or what others choose to Call packaged water , Nigerian's had long been in the business.
It was simple
A. Buy a pack white nylons.

B.Fill each with tap water

C. Tie up with sack rope

D. Refrigerate

E. Start selling

Thanks to pure water this technology has been archived

4,Nintendo, Sega and Un branded Games

Yes this Names still exist as games today but many have forgotten how computer games were the exclusive preserve of rich kids , as a poor kid or a child from a middle income home computer games are things you see in school with that dude whose father owns the tallest building in the city. today with= N= 100 you can get any game software its that easy !

5.VCR: Do you remember watching any Indian movie through the window of your neighbors house because your family could not afford one , you are not alone:

Movies like MAD , Distinambari 10 10 10, Mother India, Snake in the monkey shadow were all available

Towards the end of the 90s Video cassettes where everywhere but today most kids would not know what a VCR or VCP is used for, even CD and DVDs are been phased out thanks to technology

Remember Toshiba ,Sharp !
How time Flies

6. Black and white TV

At a time in our history Lucozade cellophane is the only thing that can confer color on your Black and white TV, it was a technology that lasted for a long time , you watch voltron, Super Ted every on the black and white screen every Saturday and eat white rice and stew which only come on sundays !

If you try that with your child today you won't like what the kid will tell you !

7. ___________? I will leave the Seventh Blank and allow you decide which other outdated technology made great impact on the lives of nigeria

10 "foolish" Ways to loose your Money in Nigeria

1. Unnecessary Parties

It is estimated that Lagosian's spend close to 40 billion naira annually on parties alone .

Most analyst have argued that most of these parties are completely unnecessary and most times do not add value to either the host or the guests.

2. Insisting on Designers, Labels, and Brands

 From groceries to clothing to prescription drugs, you can save money by choosing an off-brand over a fancy label. And in many cases, you won't sacrifice much in quality. Clever advertising and fancy packaging don't make brand-name products better than lesser-known brands.

For example, generic drugs can cost as much as 80% less than their brand-name alternatives.

3. Shopping at the wrong store
If you are Particular about price then don't just walk into any store , a Bottle of drink at MM2 will cost you almost thrice the amount you buy it at your neighborhood fast food outlet , a supermarket in victoria Island will not sell Gala at the price you get it in Oshodi

4. Paying for "ashoebi" you may Never wear again,

Today, almost all weddings, burials,Birthdays and even naming ceremonies now have a uniforms which organizers use in adding color and or liquidating their guests ! This is one of the Biggest drain pipes in most low income Families who can hardly afford three square meals but are willing to mortgage their 5 months salary for a 2 hours programme!

5. Maintaining a Fleet of Cars
Most people keep a fleet of car to show the world they have arrived , However they fail to realize that their cars start diminishing in value the moment they drove out of the show room . The Insurance ,licensing , and maintenance is an unnecessary expense for a vehicle you drive once in a month!

  6. Multiple Girlfriends or Sugar Boys.

Women are wonderful creatures, history is replete with men who died because of women only to have those women become concubines of the men who killed their lovers .
A Man with a retinue of girlfriends will have to Buy Credit for Shade , change wardrobe for Ngozi and pay house rent for Fatima all these add up to keep the young mans account in perpetual red !

In the same vein women are reinventing slavery but this time on a different dimension, they have mastered the act of keeping "Bingos" whose only duty is allegiance to the Bosom of a woman old enough to be their mothers .

One peculiar thing about these "bingos" is the Fact that they have taste as such keeping many "Bingos" sometimes leave a tsunami effect on the bank account !

7. Leaving Your Money in a Low-Interest Account

If you're stashing your cash in a traditional savings account earning next to nothing, you're wasting it. Make sure you're getting the best return on your money. Fix any money you don't need and earn good returns from your bank instead of paying account management fees to a bank which charges you for using your money.

8. Not Pulling the Plug on Electronics

If you use a prepaid meter this is one of the reasons your credits develop wings.
   Electronics that have a clock or operate by remote are typical culprits. The obvious way to pull the plug on your energy vampires is to do just that -- pull the plug. Or buy a device to do it for you, such as a Smart Strip Power Strip which will stop drawing electricity when the gadgets are turned off and pay for itself within a few months.

9.Buying at the Wrong time !

This mistake could some times have devastating effect Its is dangerous to Buy a Land or House during dry season because the area might be prune to floods or the Land could be waterlogged .

Building during raining season on the other hand also has some advantages

1. Cost of Building materials especially cement falls

2.Molding Blocks and water supply for concretes works could be made easier especially for those in arid areas

 10. Borrower !

Pls Borrow me =N= 500,000 I have a business deal I must close tonight?

Many people have lost millions and made great and wicked enemies just because they choosed to help.

The wisdom here is never lend out a money you are not willing to forget!

Any business that is too good to be true is too Good to be legal!