Tuesday, 26 May 2015


                             A friend mimi used this as her DP saw it and decided to share


Dear NNPC,  Please forgive me and other Nigerians for helping you look for your missing $20billion instead of minding our 'own business '. We were misled by the following : 1. Sanusi; who said "your money " was missing when you, "the owner" has not said "your money" is missing.  2. APC; who said the money must be accounted for when you "the owner " is not complaining. 3. House of Representatives ; who said you should account for all your income since the past 5yrs.  Now that you're angry with us and we have felt your anger in the petrol stations around the country (fuel scarcity) , the 3 groups that put us in this problem with you have not said anything and don't have any alternative. We have no other choice but to ask you for forgiveness. Please give us fuel. You are aware that your sister, PHCN is also angry with us for how she was sold and has since refused to give us power. My fear is that if you don't do something urgent now that our brothers in the north are still busy killing people, our brothers in the south may use the small fuel left in their homes to set a few "things" ablaze and Fire Services don't even have fuel and water to respond.  We promise not to ask you about "your missing money" again if you can resume fuel supply. God is watching all of us oh! Hmmmmm Truly yours, @okeybakassy