Thursday, 5 June 2014




1. When you dump a Girl from OGUN she will make a scene for you. 

2. When you dump a girl from CALABAR she will beat you up and force you to love her again whether you want to or not.

3. When you dump an ABUJA girl, she will cry day and night.

4. When you dump a girl from BENIN she will bewitch you and you will wake up with your balls on your face.

5. When you dump an ENUGU girl, she will try to make up to you and ask you to kindly give her another chance.

6. When you dump a girl from IMO expecially an Owerri girl , she won't even notice. She will be easy
removing her jiggers and eating her Sweet Potatoes.

7. When you dump a girl from WARRI she will turn her bedroomed into a brewery and  drink all sorts of alcohol until she blacks out.

8. Try to dump a girl from LAGOS and she will sleep around with all your friends.

9. You don't wanna know about PORTHARCOURT girls, dump her today and in two weeks, you will
be invited to her wedding.

10. Never dump a girl from ANAMBRA if you dump her, she will tempt your dad and become your step-mother.

11. Dump a girl from KANO and she willreport you to her dad in the army and you will marry her at gun-point.

12. Dump a girl from AKWA IBOM she will sleep with your grand-father and become your other grandmother.


(1) Na only 4 Benin na u go see boys wea day do laybuke(bricklaying) wear suit in d morning carry briefcase say e day go work. (2) Na only 4 Benin na u go see house wea nor get front light but get 4 corridor. (3) Na only 4 Benin na them dae repaint house wea the paint don die only when they wan do burial or marriage. (4) Na only 4 Benin na u go see man pack enter house wea he neva plaster not 2 talk of paint nd he go do big house-warming party. (5) Na only 4 Benin na u go see Father Christmas wea cum 4rm Ireland dae dance skelewu wella. (6) Na only 4 Benin na u go see Elema(someone who goes to parties without being invited) dae drag 4 food 4 party. Abeg Benin people add urs jor,people living in other towns u can also do same


  I entered a bus going from Benin to Kano. After some minutes, i decided to scare the passengers, so i brought out my phone and started faking a call, "Hello oga, i don dey press that button since but the bomb no dey gree bomb. Na the blue one i go press abi na the red one?.'' The passengers started reacting. Igbo man picked up his phone and made a call, ''Hello Nnamdi, run now to Apapa and wait for my containers, is like i will die today but make sure you collect my money from Chukwudi. Yoruba woman shouted, ''Driver, so you no go stop make i come down? Oloriburuku oloshi whe're driver. Me, i was laughing until the Hausa man sitting beside me said to me, ''Oga abeg, that time wey you dey make call so, where dem say make you press so that the bomb go bomb, because i don dey press my own since too, and the thing never bomb. I quickly jumped out of the luxurious bus through the window that was near me and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Me that was just playing.