Wednesday, 24 June 2015


It was getting closer to her birthday and i needed to get her something special , something unique , but hard as i tried i was unable to figure out what she will like .
Suddenly i remembered the only girl in my family my kid sister Angela  as the only among six guys  i figured out she could be the missing link in my quest to get a befitting gift for my little princess.
as we walked around the Next shopping mall , Angela spotted a pink a pinkish teddy bear, "she will love this" she said as we hurriedly looked at the hefty price tag which never bothered me a single bit as long as my little girl will be happy.

The next morning i hurriedly took my bath and headed down stairs into a waiting car , as i had been away from my family for almost 30 days and my daughters first birthday was only 24hurs away.
 as i left the city thought of my family especially my daughter pervaded my mind ad she the journey of few hours looked like eternity as the vehicle sped along the newly rehabilitated roads.

Two hours into the journey we met a long line of cars that been hold up in traffic

TO BE CONTINUED ............