Thursday, 4 June 2015

SEE How Yahoo Boys Are Using CSCS To Scam Nigerians

It is shame that despite all the "churchin‎g" and "Mosqueing" we are still the most fraudulent people on the Planet.

Last time it was the Bank Verification Number (BVN) today it is the CSCS account details the thirst for fraud seems not to be abating.

Electronic transactions has made a lot of things easier from Dstv to flight tickets, from school fees to debts/ tax payments but the activities of some unscrupulous Nigerians is threatening to destroy the system.

Senior citizens and pensioners  are the worst hit these guys simply don't care about anything but money.

I received a mail this Morning( Pictured) from "CSCS ONLINE "
About my CSCS account ( Shares/ Stock Portfolio account).
 From what I know CSCS do not send statements for free.
Following the crash of the stock market I seldom check the indices to avoid heart ache.

A closer scrutiny of the mail. Revealed an almost unbelievable sight , to  my surprise Yahoo boys have devised a means to download personal details of individual using the CSCS as a cover! ( See Pics)

The fraud is complete with full disclaimer at the end of the mail to paint it as genuine! Clicking on it redirects you to your account where your password will be stolen!

If you have fallen for this Fraud quickly report to your bank / stock broker immediately. better still change your password before you get to the Bank/broker !

This is the real website of The central securities clearing system CSCS

There is Nothing like CSCS online dot com dot org it's all a Scam!

When you see emails Like

1. Receipts of USD $2,000,000
 As attachment or Mail ,Click on the attachment at your own risk

You might lose all you ever worked for!

2. When you see Contract documents with attachments click on it and all your password and account details will on the palms of a Lazy Leech on a laptop.

Stop searching for money that is not lost!

It's good to be inquisitive but when it comes to Yahoo boys the delete button is Your Best  Friend.