Thursday, 9 July 2015


General Mohammadu Buhari President of Nigeria
1. Arrived to work by 11:40 on his first day at office

2. Failed to publicly declare his assets as promised

3. Failed to feed school kids as promised

4. Failed to rescue Chibok girls after more that two weeks of being
in power as promised

5. Failed to pay unemployed youths ₦5,000 Naira as promised

6. Failed to pay senior citizens as promised

7. Failed to make $1 = N1 Naira as promised

8. Failed to hit the ground running as promised. No cabinet yet

9. Failed to get his aids declare their assets as promised. Anyone
with idea of where Shehu and Femi declared their assets?

10. Failed to make PMS N45Naira/liter as promised

11. Failed to eradicate Boko Haram within 30 days as promised

12. Failed to visit ANY victims of terrorism anywhere

13. No longer obeys traffic rules

14. His wife wore a N10.4 Million Naira watch to his inauguration

15. He as GCFRN ordered the Ariel bombing of innocent peaceful
Niger Deltans in Calabar creeks, killing over 350 innocent souls
and managed to muzzle the media on it

16. Exported terrorists to Igboland in the guise of 'prisoner
relocations' to insecure prisons at Ekwulobia in Anambra state. 47
Boko Haram terrorists have been taken to a prison that is not a
maximum security prison that is already over-capacitate d,
thereby creating breeding grounds for more dangerous terrorists.

17. Deleted one of the states from the federation by declaring
there are 35 states in Nigeria

18. Created a brand new country in Europe called West Germany
and put President Mitchel in charge there.

19. Travelled to about five countries and signed documents with
unknown contents

20. Sold the nine jets in the presidential fleet and unsold them
back in 24 hours again

21. Ordered military out of our highways and brought them back
in 24 hours again.

22. Dissolved an already constitutionally dissolved  NNPC board.

23. Ensured $3.4Billion Dollars (₦864 Billion Naira) went missing
from our treasury and immediately commenced shouting 'empty
treasury' in the style of professional oles of Ojuelegba who shout
'thief thief' to distract attention while their gang steals.

24. Ensured his party lost control of the NASS and Senate, turning
them into WWE entertainment grounds where blows and karate
kicks flow freely.

25. Got Tinubu mad to the point of unleashing his propaganda
bulldog, Sowore, on their own party members and himself.

26. Moved the military command centre to Maidugri against all
known military conventions

27. Building a helipad in Daura in the same manner he tried
building a ₦10Million Naira hotel in his home state when he was a

28. Visited his cows wearing a nation-embarrassing see-through
kaftan that revealed him wearing pampers-like material

29. Lifted ban on textiles and furniture, thereby reversing the gains
of local industry protection policies in those sectors that will lead
to loss of jobs.

30. Got his most ardent followers crying up and down.

Surely, Buhari has achieved in 30 days what GEJ couldn't achieve
in five years leading us to understand the true dimension of what
APC publicity secretary, Lai Mohammed said recently.

 Surely,change has come