Monday, 3 August 2015


It's amazing to hear APC shout corruption, in the eyes of self appointed Special adviser on Unsubstantiated Allegations Comrade Adams Oshiomole, everyone in the PDP is a thief, while not holding forth for anyone who have diverted public funds, I sincerely believe that The APC must start the cleansing from within its fold, a case of removing the speck in your eyes before taking out the log from the other man's eyes

See what the Executive Governor of Bauchi state have to say on who funded the 2015 General Elections for APC.

‎"Amaechi brought 80% of the money the party used for the elections"

His Excellency, Mohammed Abubakar.
Executive Governor, Bauchi State.
Live, @ChannelsTV

According to the APC

"N40billion will come from donations and contributions from the party’s elected members including state governors"

See citation below

If you do the Maths

80% of 40 Billion is 32 Billion

80% of 50 Billion is 40 Billion

Either way the Governor is saying AMAECHI contributed between 30-40 Billion Naira to the APC campaign.

How did Amaechi come about such funds?

Was the monies for the Portharcourt monorail inflated or diverted ?

Was that why a concrete Pillar under Amaechi was constructed for 100 million Naira?

See for your self.....

The completion date of the Port Harcourt Mono Rail project is unknown. It covers just 4Km or 50 naira by Taxi ( A trekking distance) and has gulped $1.2 Billion or N180B.

Amaechi told us that each Piller cost him 100 million Naira

The entire Abuja Kaduna (180 KM)  Speed Rail cost GEJ 500 million USD

 ‎The entire Ethiopian Mono rail a distance of 46 Km cost 475 Million USD
Governor Amaechi had previously denied the tag APC ATM
The governor challenged his accusers to provide evidence or bank account through which he was sending money belonging to the state to APC, while also adding that the party is capable of funding its activities.
He said: “Rivers State Government has no money to fund the APC. They have been accusing me of using Rivers money to fund the APC. The APC is a big party. So, it can fund its activities.”

‎ General Buhari and the APC have no Moral Justification  to ask anybody to explain anything until Amaechi who is one of them has explained to the Nigerians how he came about the money he expended on the APC campaign.

Discerning minds must have realized by now that the "Kidnap" of the Rivers State Resident Electoral commissioner on the orders of the  chairman of the Intelligence sub-committee of the APC Campaign organization and Current Director of State Security services Lawan Daura is not a coincidence. This is despite the fact that a competent tribunal is currently seating over the Rivers election petition.

It is clear therefore that the Coffers of the Rivers state Government is of prime importance to the survival of APC as a party hence the resort to Illegal, Unconstitutional and Underhand practices to subvert the will of the Good people of River state.

May God continue to bless Nigeria and Nigerians