Thursday, 2 July 2015


A‎rsenals FC new Goal Keeper  Peter Chech has become the target of Misguided football  fans following his departure from Stamford Bridge.The Czech Republic international had signed for Arsenal FC for a mouth watering sum of £10m making him one of the highest paid Goal keepers in the English Premier league EPL.
Following threats against Chech by aggrieved Fans the Social Networking site Twitter Came down heavily on a disgruntled fan who had targeted Chech's  family in a tweet reproduced below.
“Say goodbye to your family for one last time before they go to sleep, you won’t be seeing them tomorrow you snake idiot”.
Twitter subsequently deactivated the  account removed in content

Another Twitter user named @Enegali10 posted: “F******** off just saw Cech signed. Go f*** yourself. F****** brain damaged ugly sk**. Hope your kids have cancer. F****** nonce.”
He added: “I’m going to bring my SR-25 sniper rifle to the Bridge when we play Arsenal. Will be so f****** good to see Cech’s blood on the pitch.”
One said: “Hope we sign Arda Turan now so he can cause Petr Cech another head injury,” referring to the head injury Cech suffered in 2006, while another added: “Cech is not bigger then our club, you are deluded & dumb if you defend him.
“He’s a traitor & a snake. No other way to put it.”

Twitter recently upgraded it's rules


By Adai Moses ( TMS Reporter)

Rumors are spreading like wild Fire in Lokoja the Kogi State Capital that the renowned Preacher and Prophet Apostle Johnson Suleiman raised a dead body to Life during the Omega Fire Ministries crusade in the state capital.

The ancient city had been on a high in anticipation of the visit by the Man of God, Bill boards for the program were seen in strategic locations in the city while several Cars and Motorcycles were seen flying the banners and posters of the two day programme which began on July 1st in the state Capital

At the time of filling this report no high ranking minister of the mission was available to confirm the story but witnesses who claimed they attended the programme confirmed that the miracle actually took place.

One of them simply identified as Beman confirmed what others had said to TMS “he is a strong man of God" He stated.

The ministry was said to have used to programme to reach out to the poor and the less privileged in the ‎city.
Residents of the City especially civil servants had been groaning under hardship owing to the Inability of the state government to pay salaries as a result of the short fall from the Federation account due to falling oil price.
Commercial activities are at their lowest ebb in recent times largely due to the fall in the average purchasing power of the city’s residents.

Attempts by TMS to get a response from the church's officials had not yielded any fruits as the ministry was yet to our inquiries

TMS will be doing a follow up on the story and bring you exclusive details as we unravel them.

SHOCKER :Sperm Whitens The Teeth – Actress,Yvonne Okoro

The assertion on twitter by Yvonne that sperm makes teeth whiter was not only shocking but has led me to little bit of research.
Because if some of this claims not verified or disproved men will soon become endangered species as women who already claim sperm help them loose weight,will soon bring their tooth brush every morning for the so called teeth whitening agent .
Sperm sales is already a big business in Ghana but voicing such unscientific remedy for brown and discolored teeth on a global medium like twitter Could spell doom for men globally especially Nigerian Men.
The threat of HIV and other infectious microbes present in infected Fluid slipping through abrasions caused by teeth brushing could lead to an astronomical rise in The prevalence rate of HIV ,STDs and other diseases in the country .

Buhari Social Program: Laudable, Laughable Or Dead On Arrival Part I By Solomon Tonye aka Barcanista

1.       Buhari/APC To Pay 25m Unemployed N5000 Per Month
Cost Implication:

The implication here is that the sum of N125billion (ie 25million * N5000) will be spent to service this policy every month, and an estimated N1.5 trillion (ie N125bn * 12 months) will be spent on this policy alone every year.

2. Buhari/APC To Provide Daily Meal for Primary School pupils.
First, the FG has no business with the running of Primary schools. This is the responsibility of States and Local Government. However, Buhari's administration pledged to provide at least one meal per day for Primary school Children, we shall hold him accountable.
Cost Implication:
Osun State reportedly spent N3.2billion in 2014 for the feeding of 300,000 primary 1 to 4 pupils in the state. The Osun state program exclude pupils in Primary 5 and 6. If we are to break it per pupil, we will have N10,667 per pupil(ie 3.2b/300k). Considering that over 35million children are estimated to be enrolled in Primary school across the country, at least the sum of THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREEE BILLION (N373b) is estimated to be spent on the program annually(ie 35m * 10,667).

Gross Annual Estimated Cost For Both Programs
N1.5trn + N373b = N1.873trn

That means Buhari is to increase our Recurrent Expenditure by N1.83trn.

How Feasible Are These Programs?
Let us take a look at the key component of the 2015 Budget(as adjusted by the Senate).
Total Budget Stand at N4.3trn.
Recurrent Expenditure: N2.58 trillion
Capital Expenditure: N700 billion

From where will Buhari See N1.8trn To Service His Social Programs?
- Remove Subsidy? If he's thinking of scrapping fuel subsidy, the adjusted allocation for petrol subsidy in 2015 budget is N100billion. The adjusted allocation for SURE-P is N21b, while the subsidy for kerosene for 2015 was adjusted to N45.5b. This gives a total of N166.5b.
Even if he should scrap SURE-P and remove the petrol and kerosene subsidy, he still won't be able to get 1% of the N1.8trn.

- Spend All Capital Expenditure + Subsidy? Even if Buhari is to spend all our N700b Capital Expenditure on his Social program in addition to the N166.5billion subsidy funds, it still won't be enough as it will fall short of One Trillion Naira.
N700b + N166.5b= N866 billion

- Money Appropriated To NASS? The total budget for the National Assembly for 2015 is N115b. Even if Buhari is to spend this money + subsidy allocation + Capital Expenditure to fund his program, he won't be able to raise the required fund. As all appropriation combined stand at N981billion(ie N700b + N115b + N166b)

So How Does Buhari intend to raise N1.873trillion to fulfil this social welfare pledge? Does this mean the administration has failed even before starting? Dead on arrival?