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The number 7 have been shaping spiritual and political destinies from time immemorial there are several mysteries about the number seven that are uncovered in this first series of POLITICAL DESTINIES AND THE NUMBER 7.
1. Naaman : The first political figure we will consider is Naaman, he was the equivalent of the present day Chief of Army in Present day Syria “Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honorable, because by him the Lord had given deliverance unto Syria but he was a Leper

 Elisha  told him  to Deep himself 7 times in the Jordan river at the ( 7th )time his leprous skin became like that of a baby (2 kings 5 vs 10-19)

2 . Joshua :was both spiritual and Political Leader of Israel, The bible records that, On the seventh day, they got up at daybreak and marched around the city seven times in the same manner, except that on that day they circled the city seven times" led by 7 priests with 7 trumpets, Joshua 6 1- 17
And suddenly a wall that could accommodate Rahab's  house came Crashing when the number (7) was reached

3. Ahab: The Next Political Figure who benefited from the Number 7 was King Ahab,The drought brought so much suffering making the King to seek help from the prophet.On the  mount Elijah directed his servant to check for any sign of rain.
And it came to pass at the 7th time that he said, Behold there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea like a man hand "1 king 18 vs 41-44 ''
That was how several years of drought disappeared and a Kings political destiny got a new lifeline.
4. Jesus:  had a title of King of the Jews imposed on him, the author of salvation is the most humble man ever, in the life of Jesus we see an uncommon and unique manifestation of the Number 7.
Jesus never needed a number to walk on water, he commands and it happens.
In Mathew 14 13- 21 Seven (7) food items showed up and the first free food restaurant in the world was born.
 A boy showed up with 2 Fishes+5 loaves of bread(2+5=7) and 5000 men were fed excluding women and children leaving 12 basket as leftover.
That’s only possible with a God that can fetch water with basket!

5. God: The King of the Whole world is our next Personality, this one is the King of King, and the President of President’s, the one who installs and remove rulers at will. In Gen 2 vs 2 the master rested on the (7th) day and Blessed it.
There must be something special about the 7th that the ancient of days himself chose to rest that day
6. The Shunamite woman: is next on our list, In 2 Kings 4:35 we see how deliverance from death came her sons way when the Number 7 showed up "Then he returned, and walked in the house to and fro; and went up, and stretched himself upon him: and the child sneezed seven times, (7th) and the child opened his eyes"
Was it a coincidence that the Shunamite's woman's son came to life after sneezing 7 times?
7. Samson: was the tormentor in chief of the philistines , he was one of the most politically relevant men in  his time, until Delilah caused the Seven (7) locks on Samson’s Hair to be shaved No one had dominion over him  Judges 16 vs 19 -20. His political empire and relevance disappeared when the seven locks was shaved
8. David : was both Political and spiritual Leader of his Nation, but have you considered how he was chosen? Why did God reject all his brothers? It’s no coincidence that David's father had seven Sons and David was the (7th) and God chose him. . 1 chronicles 2 v 1- 15
9. Enoch: this is another Special personality, He was the 7th Man and it was recorded that he walked with God and guess what, Death had no power over him God took him, he never experienced death!
Gen 5 vs 24   Jude 1 vs 14 
10.Nebuchadnezzar : was one of the most powerful political figures of his time he conquered Israel and took the Israelites captive.
Nebuchadnezzar orchestrated his own embarrassment, as if condemning God's servant's to death was not enough he ordered that the furnace be heated 7 times (7th)
When the Number 7 showed up, the furnace was digitally transformed into an Air conditioning system for Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego but same fire consumed those who threw them there Daniel 3 vs 1 -26

 SCIENCE AND THE MYSTERY  In  Physics we understand that white light is made up of 7 different  colors in Chemistry the 7 diatomic element(Hydrogen (H2) Nitrogen (N2)Oxygen (O2) Fluorine (F2) Chlorine (Cl2) Iodine (I2) Bromine (Br2) are the reason why the earth can support life, without oxygen the earth will be inhabitable, we get Water from the combination of the Hydrogen and Oxygen (H20), Nitrogen the most essential element  for Plant life amongst several others.


Nevertheless the Number 7 will be of no VALUE  to you if you are not BORN AGAIN!!!!!!

Give your life to Jesus and see God move in your life like never before .Stay blessed !



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