Thursday, 2 July 2015

On Buhar / Osinbajo Public Asset Declaration: The "30 Days" Verification Is Over- By Solomon Tonye Aka Barcanista

The Genesis
During the campaign period President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice Yemi Osinbajo pledged to publicly declare their assets in line with their "transparent" leadership. On the eve of Buhari/Osinbajo inauguration (May 28, 2015), President Buhari and Osinbajo filed their secret asset declaration with Code of Conduct Bureau(CCB) in line with the constitutional provisions. Two days later, Nigerians were however shocked when Buhari's spokesman Alhaji Shehu Garba on air to tell the public that by "declaring with CCB, Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo had fulfilled one of their pledge".

Majority of the population couldn't take such because we are well aware of the difference between secret and public asset declarations. We demanded to see the asset of the President, his Vice and their spouses (similar to what late President Yar'adua did).

The CCB 30 Days Verification Timeline
Rather than publicly show Nigerians the asset, Buhari's spokesman Alhaji Shehu Garba came out on June 6, 2015 to tell Nigerians to wait after CCB mandatory verification even when the CCB has no business with public asset declaration. In his own word...
“While such public display of concern is appreciated and valued, it must be said that it is a little precipitate. As required by law, the declaration and submission of documents to the CCB have been made, but there still remains the aspect of verification which the Bureau will have to conduct to authenticate the submissions made to it.
“In the circumstances, it is only after this verification exercise, and not before, that the declaration can be said to have been made and validated; and only after this, will the details be released to the public.”
Some other APC sympathisers like Dr Peregrino Brimah and some SaiBuhari chanters re-echoed the 30 days verification period. In fact, they reminded us that late President Yar'adua published his asset on Jun 28, 2007 (30 Days after his declaration with CCB).
Though Nigerians know that the 30-Day period was only to buy time, nevertheless we gave them the time.

30-Day Verification Elapsed, Where Are The Assets?
Today 28, June 2015 makes it 31 Days after Buhari and Osinbajo filed their asset declaration before CCB. The 30-Day verification period has elapsed.

Where are the assets of President Muhammadu Buhari, VP Yemi Osinbajo and their Spouses?

A "Standing Ovation" For Mr President - By Solomon Tonye aka Barcanista

Yes, Mr President deserves some commendation on his recent feat. Mr President has been talking and campaigning since May 29 amid cheers by his supporters. We all should rise up and give President Muhammadu Buhari ovation. I will tell you why the President deserves such honor..

1. Mr President directionless?
Just yesterday (June 22) he ordered for the dismantling of Military check points nationwide. 24hrs later he reversed himself after the Governors "talked sense into him".

2. An Empty Treasury?
Same yesterday President Buhari met with Aso Rock's Press corps and informed them that the government of exPresident Jonathan left a "virtually empty" treasury. The President however forgot to tell the press corps that exPresident Jonathan left $29.865 billion in External Reserve (as of March 2015)
Mr President also forgot to tell Nigerians that Jonathan left $2.07billion in Excess Crude Account as at May 2015
How can Mr President say the treasury is almost empty when we have almost $30b in External reserve and $2b in ECA?

3. Mr President Agrees To Share Excess Crude Account:
Mr President has agreed in principle to set up a committee headed by Mr Osinbajo in order to "SHARE" the money in the Excess Crude Account. Mr President did not ask the states what they did with the N2.925trn they received from the ECA between 2011 and 2014 after cajoling exPresident Jonathan( N966.6 billion in 2011, N816.3 billion in 2012, N859.4 billion in 2013 and N282.8 in 2014)
Funny enough the same President that was talking of "virtually" empty treasury 24 hours ago is talking of "Sharing" the left over 24hrs later.

4. Buhari to Recover Stolen Money...Really?
It was shocking to hear that Buhari has vowed to recover "stolen" wealth. The same Buhari that would rather withdraw the N21billion corruption charges against Timpre Sylva instead of forcing him to vomit it? Or the same Buhari that instead of pursuing the N15billion corruption case against Abdulaziz Nyako rewarded him with Senatorial seat? Or the Buhari that would rather fraternise with exGov Murtala Nyako instead of taking back the multibillions he stole from Adamawa state.

5. The DSS No Longer Relevant Under Mr President
The Department of State Security is statutory responsible for internal intelligence. No serious leader can afford to shut out his country's internal intelligence unit during security meeting especially at a time of insurgency. But our dear president has never deemed it fit to invite the DG of DSS to ANY security meeting since he came to power. How will the President understand the status of the intelligence gathered to properly strategise against the insurgents and overall security without the input of the nations internal intelligence agency?

Don't you think President Muhammadu Buhari deserves a standing ovation?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


In a bid to resolve the crisis that has ravaged the ruling All Progressive congress APC, General Mohammadu Buhari late on Wednesday  night met with the warring factions in the House of Representatives  at the presidential Villa Abuja.
Although  Majority of the Lawmakers loyal to the Speaker Rt Hon Dogara boycotted the meeting the Gbajabiamilla faction were seen in their numbers at the venue of the meeting.

Buhari Exchanging pleasantries with Hon Members at the Meeting Last Night

A lawmaker who spoke to TMS on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue said  the lawmakers could not reach an agreement despite the intervention of General Buhari and Professor Osinbajo due to the insistence of the Gbajabiamilla Faction on producing the House leader, as such the meeting ended on a stalemate.

It will be recalled that the crisis in the party escalated on Tuesday with the press release by the former national chairman of the party Chief Bisi Akande and the reply by the former Chairman of the nPDP Alhaji Kawu Baraje.


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The name Aliko Dangote rings a bell in virtually every home in Nigeria, Africa's richest man has a footprint in virtually every home in the country , you are either eating bread made from his flour or consuming soup seasoned with his salt,  drinking  soft drinks or taking syrups made with his sugar .

That was why in 2007 i took a loan from first bank to purchase shares from his flour company, but the billionaire had  other ideas , he returned over 97 percent of the money back to subscribers after almost a year and without interest at a time banks were charging over 19%  as interest and allotted 3 % of the shares to the millions of Nigerians who had participated in the public offer and kept over 90 percent to himself. 

After licking our wounds like many other Nigerians we moved on in invested in other vocations , so i was surprised yesterday evening when  i received a mail from Dangote cement  me and other Nigerians to invest in their expansion.
  After a lot of skepticism i decided to open the attachment and this screen shot below showing he owns only 0.17 % was for me deception taken too far , it  did not allow me read the content of the attachment  , even a primary school pupil knows that Dangote still own the bulk  of Dangote Cement by direct and indirect share holding it was a LIE i could not stomach 

XENOPHOBIA: Nigerians Force South Africans To Pull Down Facebook Sponsored Holiday Avertisment

Nigerians came down heaving on south Africans and South Africa , today  the social media networking site Facebook had earlier shared a sponsored holiday advert to south Africa with mouth watering offers , immediately the sponsored post went live, Nigerians and other Africa and descended heavily wondering why a country that earlier rejected them now want their money
 Nigerians decried the xenophobic attitude of the south Africans and their penchant for spilling African blood  on their streets.
 The South African tourism industry  has benefited greatly  from Nigerian tourists who are among the biggest spenders in that country, with a 15.4 percent rise in arrivals for 2013 alone, with Gambia and Kenya looking to displace South Africa as the destination of choice for Nigerian Tourist in Africa the backlash might be coming at a very wrong time for the South African with the economy still reeling from the effects of the mining strikes
 There reaction by over two thousand Nigerians compelled the company to take down the sponsored ad by on  midday Tuesday.


The Nigerian Union in South Africa on Tuesday reported new xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other foreigners in Sternkopf, Namakwa Municipality, Northern Cape Province of South Africa.
The President of the Union, Ikechukwu Anyene, said in Pretoria, South Africa, that the Northern Cape Province Chapter Chairman of the Union reported the incident to its National Secretariat.
“The National Secretariat of Nigeria Union has received report of xenophobic attacks from Mr Kennedy Osagie, the Northern Cape Province chapter chairman of the union.
“The report indicated that South Africans attacked Nigerians.
“Two cars belonging to Nigerians have been reportedly burnt and they have been going from house to house looting and destroying their property,” he said.
Mr. Anyene, who said that there were 20 Nigerians living in the affected community, added that none had been reported dead in the incident.
“Six Nigerians have taken refuge with their families in nearby SpringBok community and they do not know the whereabouts of the other Nigerians,’’ he said.
He said that the Union had reported the incident to the Nigerian Consulate in South Africa.
Nigeria’s Consul General in South Africa, Uche Ajulu-Okeke, confirmed the incident, saying the mission had commenced investigations.
“The Nigerian Consulate in South Africa has received report of new xenophobic attacks in Northern Cape Province of South Africa.
“The mission has commenced investigation into the incident and will ensure that Nigerians are safe in South Africa,” she said.
South Africa was hit by a wave of deadly xenophobic attacks between March and April 2015, with locals attacking and killing at least five African migrants.
The tension subsided after widespread condemnation.